Catch a Cheating Spouse with SniperSpy

Everyone knows that the Internet is full of useful information and tools to make our lives easier. For example, we can bank online instead of driving there or we don’t need to make a trip to the library when helping our kids with their homework.

And everyone also knows that there is a dark side to the Internet. Among the most damaging aspects of this dark side is in the area of spouses flirting with someone else they are not married to via the easily accessible portals of the Web. I became concerned about my husband’s behavior and it is for this reason that I purchased Sniper Spy computer monitoring software and ran it on the desktop he uses at home.


Why Spouses Flirt Online

It is not so much the flirting the bothered me. It was the fact that innocent flirting migrated to a serious addiction. When I detected that there was a problem with my spouse, I did a little research before purchasing SniperSpy software to find out why my husband who was happy before migrated to the dark side of the Internet. I discovered that they do this out of:

  • Curiosity
  • Emotional needs not met
  • Boredom
  • Connect with an old girlfriend
  • Current relationship in trouble
  • Fun

For these reasons, a flirting spouse will venture off to cam sites, adult chat rooms, and dating sites in hopes to recapture excitement that he feels he lost after so many years of marriage. This drove the need for me to purchase SniperSpy.

The Damage That It Does

I bought a subscription to SniperSpy computer monitoring software so that I could watch what my husband was doing online because my research also showed that if Internet flirting is allowed to continue then it can lead to:

  • Violation of trust
  • Actual new relationships—acting out
  • Wasting time and shirking responsibilities
  • Having unrealistic expectations of the spouse not flirting
  • Opening the door to serious dangers

The last point was particularly disturbing to me because flirters are blinded by the fact that most of the people they meet on the other side are not presenting their real image. For example, who knows if any of the women my husband was contacting on dating sites were actually married. If discovered, it could put my husband in real danger from another angry spouse.

No, I was not purchasing SniperSpy just to keep tabs on my husband. I also purchased it to protect him and my household.

How SniperSpy Computer Monitoring Helps

SniperSpy computer monitoring software helped me by showing me:

Computer Monitoring

  • Websites visited. I saw all of the dating, cam, pornography, and social networking sites he was visiting.
  • Captured keystrokes for passwords. SniperSpy captured all keystrokes he entered thus I was able to derive the passwords to membership sites such as those for dating. What I discovered by actually logging into them was quite revealing.
  • Recording of instant messenger (IM) chat logs. I was able to see the full texts of message exchanges on apps such as Skype where he was going beyond flirting and getting quite serious.
  • Capturing of screenshots. I gathered the picture proof as to what he was doing online.

It was quite stressful when I confronted him with my collection of information that SniperSpy computer monitoring software shared with me. To make a long story short, we went to marriage counseling and my husband agreed to let SniperSpy keep running on his computer to reestablish trust once again.