StealthGenie Cell Phone Spy for Business

StealthGenie Employee Monitoring

The StealthGenie cell phone tracking app is a powerful system that no business can do without when it issues smartphones to its employees to facilitate their jobs. This cell phone spy is the manager’s eyes and ears when it is impossible for her to supervise every action of each employee.

Situations without StealthGenie

Businesses that issue smartphones to their employees for use in their jobs is a good idea but without the StealthGenie cell phone spy running on those devices there is the risk of all sorts of unpleasant situations rising to include:

  • Wasting time using the smartphone’s web browser to visit inappropriate sites
  • Leaving the office and going to places that are not work-related
  • Spending the day chatting nonsense with coworkers using text messaging
  • Cost overruns in the business smartphone budget because of no reporting capability
  • No protection for a lost or stolen smartphone
  • Installing apps on the smartphone not approved by the company

When the business smartphones have the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system installed on them, these situations can be dealt with and in most cases avoided. You can also find more information at stealthgenie review.

StealthGenie’s Robust Business Features

When you evaluate the StealthGenie cell phone spy, you will see just how powerful it is at helping to keep employee-issued smartphone usage within the parameters of company policy. These are features such as:

  • Statistical and graphical utilization reporting
  • GPS tracking to include geofencing, current location, and location history
  • Viewing of the full text of emails, SMS messages, and chats from instant messenger (IM) apps
  • Tools to take action in the event that a company-issued smartphone is lost or stolen (locking the phone, wiping its data contents clean)
  • Call monitoring to include recording and bugging capabilities
  • Viewing of the smartphone’s calendar and task files
  • Exporting of logs for backup or alternate reporting purposes

GPS Tracking

As you can see, the StealthGenie cell phone spy app has covered practically everything a business would need when it comes to keeping its smartphone use from getting out of control. Plus, all information can be viewed from the subscriber’s control panel and for multiple smartphones.

You can read more about how it works here:

Reports to Monitor Utilization

You get the reporting stats that you need with the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system to determine utilization. These statistics reflect activity on the monitored device as to:

  • Total calls made
  • Total SMS sent/received
  • How many photos were taken
  • How many numbers reside in the contacts file
  • The number of appointments in the calendar
  • Total websites bookmarked

You also get a chart right on the main dashboard of the StealthGenie cell phone spy control panel that shows call and SMS volume by month. This is useful for correlating an employee’s month with low productivity to the amount of time spent sending SMS messages and non-business calls.

Keep Employees at Work While Away

With GPS tracking and geofencing provided by the StealthGenie cell phone spy, you can keep employees within authorized boundaries and get an alert notification when they travel outside of them.

For example, a certain employee of yours may have his own sales territory that you can set up geo boundaries on. When he travels outside of those you get alerted so that you can find out what’s going on.

By now you have seen just how valuable the StealthGenie cell phone tracking system is when it comes to keeping tabs on business smartphone use. Don’t let cost overruns, lost productivity, and configuration nightmares impact your business.

The company has three pricing tiers to choose from and each with its different set of features. Choose the tier that meets your needs with regard to business smartphone monitoring and order your subscription before you issue these devices.